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Our Full Collection of Printable Sight Word Worksheets

High quality printable resources to help your child get reading. Suitable for kindergarten, preschool, prep, grades 1,2 and 3.


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3) Sight Word Activity Sheets

4) Sight Word Box Worksheets

5) Simple Sight Word Books

6) More Difficult Sight Word Books




 Sight Word Lists

Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3 Sheet 4 Sheet 5 Sheet 6 Sheet 7 Sheet 8 Sheet 9 Sheet 10 Sheet 11 Sheet 12 Sheet 13 Sheet 14 Sheet 15 Sheet 16 Sheet 17 Sheet 18 Sheet 19 Sheet 20 Sheet 21 Sheet 22 Sheet 23 Sheet 24 Sheet 25 Sheet 26 Sheet 27 Sheet 28 Sheet 29 Sheet 30 Sheet 31 Sheet 32 Sheet 33 Sheet 34 Sheet 35 Sheet 36 Sheet 37 Sheet 38 Sheet 39 Sheet 40 Sheet 41 Sheet 42 Sheet 43 Sheet 44 Sheet 45 Sheet 46 Sheet 47Sheet 48 Sheet 49 Sheet 50 Sheet 51 Sheet 52 Sheet 53 Sheet 54

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Sight Word ‘Word Searches’

 Sight Word Searchesswsearch


Sight Word Activity Sheets

Sight Word Activity Sheets

sight word sheet


 Sight Word Box Worksheets

Sight Word BoxesSight Word Boxes worksheet


Sight Word Booklets

Build your child a library of books with these sight word booklets. These booklets help provide children with a context in which to learn their sight words. Beside each title is a list of the sight words found in that book.

To make the booklets:

1) Print, then carefully slice along the dotted line in the center.

2) Fold in half along the horizontal.

3) Then fold the other way, in half and then half again. Unfold the last two folds, pushing the bottom of the paper in together so the center that you cut moves outwards to form the booklet.


No staples or sticky tape needed!


 Simple Sight Word Books

Book: I Like to… I See a The Garden
Sight Words: I, to, like a, I, see a, look, some


Book: Look! Big Little
Sight Words: at, the, big, look, little a, is, big, there a, is, here, little


Book: He and She Here Comes a… Fast and Slow
Sight Words: to, he, she, likes a, here, comes is, the, fast, slow


Book: There Goes… This is My… Up and Down
Sight Words: a, goes, there is, my, there is, up, the, are, down


Book: Where is it? Making Dinner
Sight Words: is, it, there, where in, is, on, the, and, under


More Difficult Sight Word Books

Book: Colours Dinner Time Getting Ready
Sight Words: is, are, the, what, colour I, to, is, my, am, for the, will I, to, my, get, will, have


Book: Friends My Home Shopping
Sight Words: do, how, said, here, with, need, what, should not, that, said, this, where with, need, where, they, there, will, make


Book: The Beach
Sight Words: did, see, saw, little, big, what






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